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 Welcome to the NY Fashion website. 

The goal of this site is to educate the international fashion community as well as consumers in regard to the importance of the New York garment industry. 

Although we currently refrain from water boarding (it is too hard for us to achieve over the internet), we openly admit that we will attempt to brainwash you into understanding that New York is the BEST source of apparel and clothing accessories. 

If you do not wish for us to use fashion mind control on you, we strongly suggest that you turn back now.


1)  We may attempt to use fashion subliminal persuasion.

2)  We may attempt to confuse you.

3)  We may attempt to use mind control on you.

4)  We may lure you into joining a New York Fashion Cult.

If you proceed into our website, it must be with the understanding that you do not mind the fact that our website will attempt to manipulate you into believing that New York is most definitely the "fashion capital" of the universe.


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As New Yorkers (or at least people from the Tri-state area), we obviously believe strongly that New York is the center of the fashion universe.  After you take the time to view our website, we hope that you will leave our website with this same conclusion.

Learn more about NY fashion at the New York Fashion Incubator.

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